Working papers

Presentations: SBE Meeting 2017 (Natal-BR), ES-NASM 2018 (Davis-US), SBE Meeting 2019 (Sao Paulo-BR), ES-World Congress 2020 (Bocconi-IT), ESEM 2020 (Rotterdam-NL), IV LAPolMeth 2020 (Sao Paulo-BR), 7th Conference on "Contests: Theory and Evidence" 2021 (Berlin-DE), LACEA/LAMES Congress 2021 (Bogotá-CO), NEUDC 2021 (Boston-US), SBE Seminar in Applied Economics (virtual), ASSA 2023 (New Orleans-US).

Presentations: 1st Insper Workshop on Recent Developments in the Economics of Crime in Brazil (Sao Paulo-BR), 11th AL CAPONE Annual Meeting (Reggio di Calabria-IT), LACEA LAMES Annual Meeting 2022 (Lima-PE), SBE Meeting 2022 (Fortaleza-BR)

Featured in: Valor Econômico, CNN Brazil, BBC Brazil (May 2022)